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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 276 to 300 of 1404 listed

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276N5PO105,12065780BNTX6115  17425915569  
277N0BUI104,56667977BMN6317 10513022314675Minnesota Wireless Assn 
278KA1IOR104,48065480BEMA8220 12019514714249Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
279W1WBB104,48065380ULRI7723 1122061579088CTRI Contest Group 
280W6AYC104,16065180ASB6824 7513412921499  
281W7IY104,05266778QVA7724 17918913311353Potomac Valley Radio Club 
282W1ZT103,36064680BEMA5516 17914376128120Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
283WB4FDT103,11666278BMDC6720 1004718145Potomac Valley Radio Club 
284AC8Y103,04064480MVA7624 793291285553Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ K8LF)
285KB9S102,54264979ULWI7814 3926913616441Minnesota Wireless Assn 
286W6JTI102,40064080QSF5724 45155147173120Northern California Contest Club 
287K6BL (K6AW, op)102,08063880BSCV8010 1816339177241Northern California Contest Club 
288KX7M101,43664279BEB8410  52139193258Northern California Contest Club 
289K0DEQ101,12063480BMO5513 2291051249777Missouri DX and Contest Club 
290K3TM100,96063180BMDC5515 214190617888Potomac Valley Radio Club 
291N1CC100,96063180ULNTX5618 4612119918778North Texas Contest Club 
292N9NE100,93264778QWI5824 1622561232977  
293N9NC100,80463879BNH7514 1021112797868  
294K3LID (WM3O, op)100,80063080MLMDC5918 10031818824 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
295N3SD100,62064578ULWPA7517 159302927418North Coast Contesters 
296KM0O100,56265377BMN6112 1519423218626Minnesota Wireless Assn 
297K7IA100,48062880ANM5921 9717619610455  
298K6RB100,32062780USCV5810 5140140195201Northern California Contest Club 
299N5QQ100,15264278BNTX6113 5415620216961North Texas Contest Club 
300W3CB100,01463379AMDC6220 15119413210254Potomac Valley Radio Club 

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