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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 126 to 150 of 1404 listed

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126N4PN154,72096780ULGA5324 17328929414071South East Contest Club 
127K6MM154,40096580USCV5824 36188251193297Northern California Contest Club 
128AJ6V154,40096580BSCV5920 6116633234165Northern California Contest Club 
129K9NR154,40096680UIL6821 10746021741140Society of Midwest Contesters 
130N4ZR154,40096580UWV5419 14153611516013Potomac Valley Radio Club 
131K3AU (K2YWE, op)154,08096380ULMDC5624 23427323920314Potomac Valley Radio Club 
132K3WW153,44095980UEPA5918 239188255100177Frankford Radio Club 
133AA6PW152,00095080AORG8924 54216162353165Southern California Contest Club 
134W8FN151,83896179ANTX6423 74249317178143North Texas Contest Club 
135K0HB151,20094580MMN6323 158254221200112Minnesota Wireless Assn(+ K0CKB)
136W4AU149,60093580BVA5621 2142423658826Potomac Valley Radio Club 
137KO7AA149,12093380BAZ7016  5822158271Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
138VE7XF148,48092880UBC5421 19188255201265Orca DX and Contest Club 
139K0VBU148,20493879AKS5924 912934586531Kansas City DX Club 
140W2ID (@ K9RS)148,16092680AEPA7724119824219619891Frankford Radio Club 
141N6EE148,00092580USJV5519 59149284251182Northern California Contest Club 
142W8EDU147,20092080MOH4824 226333309502Mad River Radio Club(AF8A, W8RZ, W8WTS, ops)
143AD4Z146,62492879MSFL7024 11641016420632Florida Contest Group(+ WF3C & W1MD)
144K0TO146,56091680BID5216 14126323223149  
145VE5ZX146,56091680ASK6322 61231279214131Saskatchewan Contest Club 
146W7ZRC146,08091380AID5419 67191214286155  
147WT9U146,08091380BIN7523 2483372087347Society of Midwest Contesters 
148W7RM (N6TR, op)145,51892179QOR6724 97146256195227Willamette Valley DX Club 
149K1XM144,96090780AEMA7120 1751417410299Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
150N3RR144,96090680UMDC6223 152386262979Potomac Valley Radio Club 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 57

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