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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 101 to 125 of 1404 listed

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101K1TO163,8401,02480AWCF7217 2253530911345Florida Contest Group 
102W6XB (W0ZZ, op)163,3601,02180BSV6223 56230273281181Northern California Contest Club 
103WT9Q163,3601,02180UCO9024 10038829421128Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
104W6TK163,2001,02080MSB5724 81238242338121Southern California Contest ClubW6TK, N6WS, AC6T, KA3DRR
105N6PN (@ N6TV)162,8801,01880BSCV6423 8131419434881Northern California Contest Club 
106N0XR162,7401,03179UIA8724 3812442517777Iowa DX and Contest Club 
107K1ZZI161,9201,01280UGA6222 19837926614524South East Contest Club 
108W1NN161,7601,01180AOH5724 4652721178077Mad River Radio Club 
109KY7M161,2801,00880UAZ6219 1840726725066Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
110N6WIN160,3201,00280MORG8923 78220323176205Southern California Contest Club(+ KQ6ES & N6RT)
111W1SJ160,3201,00280UVT6924 3142202908296Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont 
112N1LN160,1601,00180UNC6420 8744824518536Potomac Valley Radio Club 
113K9BGL159,84099980BIL5524 159404188124124Society of Midwest Contesters 
114NE9U159,20099580UWI7224 195404310788Minnesota Wireless Assn 
115AJ9C158,56099280AIN7423 229441314 7Society of Midwest Contesters 
116W4MYA158,24098980UVA5823 1555361754281Potomac Valley Radio Club 
117K8BL158,08098880ULOH6124 31622224411096North Coast Contesters 
118VE3KI (@ VE3FU)158,08098880UON7824 14126641612936Contest Club Ontario 
119VE1OP157,44098480UMAR7618 798336838470Maritime Contest Club 
120VE3RZ157,44098480UON6822 28623426315942Contest Club Ontario 
121W1WEF156,89499379BCT5222 9344926515333Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
122N9CO156,00097580ULIL7324 23945410715421Society of Midwest Contesters 
123KF6T155,36097180ASV5524 78210138290255Northern California Contest Club 
124K9DU155,20097080BMN6021 275266411171Minnesota Wireless Assn 
125N3ZZ154,72096780USCV9823 3834623577271Northern California Contest Club 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 57

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