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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 226 to 250 of 1404 listed

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226KE0A117,19476177BND6319 22170180250139  
227AA4FU116,00072580ULNC7820 18122314016219Potomac Valley Radio Club 
228WD4AHZ115,84072480AWCF7622 6311623021699Florida Contest Group 
229W9IU115,81473379UIN5518 274247973877Society of Midwest Contesters 
230W3AS115,75274378BEWA6817 3417121731010Spokane DX Association 
231K7QQ115,49873179ULWWA6215 3521528415146Western Washington DX Club 
232N0UR115,34073079QMN6724 14821119271108Minnesota Wireless Assn 
233K9NW114,88071880UIN7914 2572671026131Mad River Radio Club 
234KG4W114,24071480UVA7720 1422612008427Potomac Valley Radio Club 
235NN7SS (K6UFO, op)114,08071380QWWA0524 53130236158136Western Washington DX Club 
236W8FJ113,92071280UEPA5814 2612621313028Frankford Radio Club 
237WA6FGV113,92071280ASB5921 8470225180153Southern California Contest Club 
238K3AJ113,60071080AMDC6724 1592568114371Potomac Valley Radio Club 
239K0PC113,56872878QMN6924 9617324520113Minnesota Wireless Assn 
240K3MD113,28070980ULEPA6318 6621922413663Frankford Radio Club 
241K8GU113,12070780AMDC9320 1743211593122Potomac Valley Radio Club 
242W2JU113,12070780ACT7117 2362196712362Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
243W1RH112,80070580USV6313 1493269214115Northern California Contest Club 
244WI0WA (N0AC, op)112,63274176AIA7324 133373172549Iowa DX and Contest Club 
245K1TN112,57473177BWI6119 2511931648934  
246AA7V112,33871179AAZ7017 17111222243118Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
247W5RYA112,33871179ANTX5621 6820421614479North Texas Contest Club 
248K0AV112,32070280QCO6024 71209322982Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
249K2MK112,32070280USNJ6417 1741861878867  
250N8BJQ111,68069880AOH7820 2222058765119Southwest Ohio DX Assn 

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