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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 26 to 50 of 1404 listed

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26N4ZZ200,4801,25380UTN5724 3054564234524Tennessee Contest Group 
27K7RL199,8401,24980BWWA8424 73326284314252Western Washington DX Club 
28K6NA199,0401,24480BSDG6024 73329209528105Southern California Contest Club 
29K5NA198,7201,24280BSTX5824 11236156319412Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
30N4AF198,4001,24080BNC5823 1426633268821Potomac Valley Radio Club 
31NR5M (KU5B, op)196,9601,23180BSTX6624 7543331637037Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
32NY3A196,8001,23080UEPA7324 21042241715724Potomac Valley Radio Club 
33K8PO196,0001,22580BME5524 2753834723281Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
34K7KU (K0KR, op)195,6801,22380BWY6224 189260373168233  
35NP2X195,5201,22280BVI7224  142600255225  
36K7NV193,6001,21080UNV7924 94272300345199Northern California Contest Club 
37KD4D193,6001,21080BMDC7124 3704092951288Potomac Valley Radio Club 
38K5ZD193,1201,20780BWMA7320 27025341123637Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
39K7BG192,9601,20680AMT7524 11129733437193Northern Rockies DX Association 
40VE6EX190,7201,19280MAB5824 13222839137368Alberta Clippers(+ ops)
41W5RU189,4401,18480MLA5524 13337238923357Louisiana Contest Club(KN5O, K1DW, N5HZ, ops)
42K1RX187,8401,17480BNH6320 9558621420277Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
43K0EU187,6801,17380ACO7024 15435829528680Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
44N5YA (NM5M, op)186,4001,16680BSTX7724 44558472829  
45W5MX185,7601,16180BKY8024 36141316714971Kentucky Contest Group 
46K4BAI185,4401,15980BGA5424 1156133367124South East Contest Club 
47KB7Q185,1201,15780UMT6024 64217372357147Northern Rockies DX Association 
48K6SRZ184,6401,15480USF5624 109164260315306Northern California Contest Club 
49NA0N183,6801,14880AMN9124 2113014889553Minnesota Wireless Assn 
50W0DLE183,6801,14880MCO7124 1213015939043Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado(+ W2UP)

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