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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 51 to 75 of 1826 listed

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51N0GF235,0921,50778MND9923 8721842172061 (K9DIG, KE0A, K0LWT, KI0LS, KD0OSK, ops)
52N2BJ234,8801,46880UIL6124 57319442695180Society of Midwest Contesters 
53K9BGL234,2401,46480BIL5524 149620293137265Society of Midwest Contesters 
54K1BX233,7601,46180ANH7424 36429038133888Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
55KJ5T232,3201,45280USTX0124 144201622270215Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
56K5TR231,3601,44680BSTX7616  4088639184Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
57K4B230,8801,44380MVA7620 2954915209443Potomac Valley Radio Club 
58K4BAI230,0801,43880BGA5422 1864327107931South East Contest Club 
59N3OC229,9201,43780MMDC7323 20569838810739Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ N1SZ)
60N2MM228,0001,42580USNJ6023 242576349146112Frankford Radio Club 
61KD4D227,3601,42180BMDC7124 49648024418912Potomac Valley Radio Club 
62AA6PW227,0401,41980BORG8924 4231434565167Southern California Contest Club 
63N4BP226,4141,43379BSFL5520  4771697798Florida Contest Group 
64N6HC226,4001,41580UORG5723 32278359339407Southern California Contest Club 
65WA3EKL224,3201,40280MMDC6424 28353133518271Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ K3ZZ)
66W4NF223,5201,39780UVA7524 364471423139 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
67W4AAA (KK9A, op)223,2001,39580ANC7824 4024143782001  
68N4PN222,8801,39380AGA5324 256384419171163Alabama Contest Group 
69WL7E222,4001,39080BAK7820 2257336233742  
70WR3Z221,6001,38580MMDC7723 38030432636510Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ N3ALN)
71N4WW (WF3C, op)218,1981,38179BNFL5720 147504551548Florida Contest Group 
72W4MYA217,4401,35980MVA5823 457617205 80Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ KI4UDF)
73K9ZO217,1201,35780AIL6924 23264828512072Society of Midwest Contesters 
74KQ0C217,1201,35780UCO0623 63216221358499Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
75K7KU (K0KR, op)216,0001,35080BWY6220 9587437391340  

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 60 · 70 · 74

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