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2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 76 to 100 of 1826 listed

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76W2FU (K2TJ, op)214,4061,35779BWNY9323 41359017812056  
77AB3CX214,0801,33880BNNY6324 14967625018875Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers 
78VE6EX212,8001,33080MAB5824 17992442431186Alberta Clippers(+ ops)
79K4VV (K3WI, op)212,4801,32880MVA5120 35945221728614Potomac Valley Radio Club 
80W7YAQ212,0001,32580AOR5424 14297202465419Willamette Valley DX Club 
81N6WIN208,4021,31979BORG8921 102255114531317Southern California Contest Club 
82K0TO208,1041,33478BID5217 107334138289466Minnesota Wireless Assn 
83N0KK207,3601,29680AMN7724 103353505234101Minnesota Wireless Assn(@N0AT)
84N6NZ207,2001,29580USJV7223 11640236032790Northern California Contest Club 
85N8SNM206,4001,29080UMI9221 2996172538932Oakland County Amateur Radio Society 
86K4TCG204,8001,28080MTN9724 30559718716328Tennessee Contest Group(WF7T, K0EJ, KJ4WLN, W4NZ, ops)
87W2PV (W1VE, op)204,6401,27980BWMA5919 16064728212070Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
88K9YC203,2001,27080USCV5522 167255399198251Northern California Contest Club 
89W1UJ202,4001,26780BWMA8822 20158525017950Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
90N1LN202,2401,26480UNC6418 530236243145110Potomac Valley Radio Club 
91WA5OYU202,2401,26480UMS6624 38475392137222  
92K6MM202,0801,26380USCV9823 5265297571278Northern California Contest Club 
93W4ML201,9201,26280MVA5823 18364831110218Potomac Valley Radio Club(NW4V, N3UA, WA4PGM, W1ZA, ops)
94K8AO199,8701,26579BMI6122 139547189277113  
95KF6T198,8801,24380ASV5524 72222160389400Northern California Contest Club 
96K2NNY198,7201,24280MLNNY9524 6472198623159Rochester (NY) DX Assn(K2DB, K2CS, N2TWI, AF2K, K2QZR, KC2QLJ, ops)
97AF1T196,9601,23180BNH6421 13055318249317Contoocook Valley Radio Club 
98W4LT194,7201,21780AWCF7624 1473924715265Florida Contest Group 
99KK1KW194,2201,24578BNH9021 22398333406185Contoocook Valley Radio Club 
100KB9UWU192,1601,20180BIL9921 35423141712277Society of Midwest Contesters 

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