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  A - Single Op QRP
  B - Single Op Low
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  D - Multioperator High Power
  E - Multioperator Low Power
  F - Single Op Unlimited QRP
  G - Singe Op Unlimited Low
  H - Single Op Unlimited High

2011 ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Entries 76 to 100 of 1119 listed

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76VP2MWG141,96092078DVP2MMinnesota Wireless Assn(W0OR & N0AT, ops)
77K8BL141,61484682BOHNorth Coast Contesters 
78K0DI139,89285282BNELincoln ARC 
79K3ZO136,75279684CMDCPotomac Valley Radio Club 
81K4ZGB131,68082180CALAlabama Contest Group 
82N1EU131,67767891DENYYankee Clipper Contest Club 
83K0KX131,19268092DMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
86K4FJ129,31474882CVAPotomac Valley Radio Club 
87N2MM128,31686074CSNJFrankford Radio Club 
88K7CS128,29789771CVASterling Park ARC 
89N4QQ125,51079177CMDCPotomac Valley Radio Club 
90W1QK123,02461788CCTYankee Clipper Contest Club 
91N2ED122,65569285CNNJFrankford Radio Club 
92K2TTT122,49664787DNNJFrankford Radio Club 
93N9RV121,51270583CMTNorthern Rockies DX Association 
94K3QF119,93563385DEPAFrankford Radio Club 
95N4HB117,68071780DVA (+ AB4SF)
96W1XX117,26463884CRICTRI Contest Group 
97N8TR116,10956197DOHMad River Radio Club 
98K2AV115,55978073BNCPotomac Valley Radio Club 
99VE5UF115,17567285CSKSaskatchewan Contest Club 
100NR4M111,68062580CVAPotomac Valley Radio Club 

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 45

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