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  B - Single Op Low
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  G - Singe Op Unlimited Low
  H - Single Op Unlimited High

2011 ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Entries 476 to 500 of 1119 listed

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476WA3MKC21,64822648BMDCPotomac Valley Radio Club 
479W9ILY21,57321051BILMetro DX Club 
480K0IR21,41219853DMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
481K4EDI21,40821948CTNBristol (TN) ARC 
482WU4G21,36920251BVACentral Virginia Contest Club 
483NF4A21,18016660BNFLAlabama Contest Group 
484N4TB21,17518555CWCFFlorida Contest Group 
485NF1O21,16821049ENHYankee Clipper Contest Club 
486N7RK21,10616961DAZArizona Outlaws Contest Club 
487VP5CW (W5CW, op)21,06823646BVP5Oklahoma DX Assn 
488K4FTO21,02223146BVAPotomac Valley Radio Club 
489NB1N20,95825042BEMAYankee Clipper Contest Club 
490N4IR20,88422646ATNTennessee Contest Group 
491K0MPH20,88021648BMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
492W0ZQ20,80820551BMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
493N4ZR20,69116857EWVPotomac Valley Radio Club 
494K4MF20,67018353CSFLFlorida Contest Group 
495N4VA20,55019850BVAPotomac Valley Radio Club 
496K2SLZ20,52023045CWNYWestern New York DX Assn 
497WB0N20,49618756EMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
498W7CB20,47515465CSBSouthern California Contest Club 
499W0PI20,40617857BMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
500W4JAM20,24021846DVAPotomac Valley Radio Club 

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Page: 1 · 10 · 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 · 30 · 40 · 45

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