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2012 ARRL RTTY Roundup

Entries 26 to 50 of 1769 listed

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26OL8M (OK4RQ, op)188,1601,354140SBOK1  
27LS1D186,6901,495127MBLU (LU3CT & LW9EOC, ops)
28VA2UP183,6621,426131MBQCContest Group du Quebec(+ VE2SB, VE2EZD, VE2FXL)
29K0TI182,6841,691109SAMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
30KR7X182,5161,801103SBORWillamette Valley DX Club 
33W4RM178,4861,391133MBVAPotomac Valley Radio Club(+ W7IY, K4UVA, K4RG)
34N5ZM177,5801,378130MAARLone Star DX Assn(+ N5RN
35P40YL (AI6YL, op)177,4801,492120SAP4  
36W7IV176,8141,573114MBWWAOrca DX and Contest Club(+ N7BT & N7RO)
37W4DXX176,0801,440124SBGAAlabama Contest Group 
38K4PUF174,2911,428123MBVADominion DX Group(+ N4KFT)
39KF6T173,2641,574112SBSVNorthern California Contest Club 
40S53M171,7031,314133MBS5 (S51FB + Spotting Assistance)
41EI7M171,5201,357128MBEI (EI3JE, EI6HB, EI3KB, ops)
42W7WW171,1841,684104SBAZArizona Outlaws Contest Club 
43AB4GG171,0541,472117SBTNTennessee Contest Group 
45UW8I (UT2IZ, op)169,6451,321131SBUR  
46K8IA168,4481,523112MBAZArizona Outlaws Contest Club 
48KU1T167,4401,296130MBWVPotomac Valley Radio Club 

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