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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 1 to 25 of 1291 listed

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1N2IC236,3841,42483BNM6824 12349832538692  
2N5RZ225,0961,35683BWTX6924 12846532142517  
3W7RN (N6TV, op)223,7681,34883BNV5924 12039535241764Northern California Contest Club 
4W6YI222,1081,33883MSDG5624 190356245370177Southern California Contest Club(+ N6AN, N6KI, N6MJ, K6AM)
5N0NI (AG9A, op)219,6181,32383BIA7724 260519469714Iowa DX and Contest Club 
6K5GN212,4801,28083BSTX7224 7556024537921Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
7W6NL (N5KO, op)210,9861,27183BSCV7424 10635334641056Northern California Contest Club 
8WD0T210,8201,27083BSD7724 2503423932769  
9K5TR (N2NC, op)210,4881,26883BSTX7924 4661828430416  
10K6LL208,4961,25683UAZ5924 7641928543838Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
11K6LA207,9981,25383BLAX6524 124343329356101Southern California Contest Club 
12W0DLE207,3341,24983MCO7124 17138354912818Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado(+ W0UA & WB0GAZ)
13KP2M205,5081,23883MVI6524 657917544632 (K1ZE, N3XF, W1EQ, ops)
14K1LZ202,1881,21883MEMA6924 20955623418831Yankee Clipper Contest Club(+ AE2W, K3JO, LZ4AX)
15W9RE201,8561,21683BIN6224 3365852038012Society of Midwest Contesters 
16K5WA201,5241,21483BSTX6524 8345436525458Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
17W6YX (N7MH, op)201,5241,21483BSCV2424 38369360335112Northern California Contest Club 
18K6XX200,8601,21083BSCV7424 124312331291152Northern California Contest Club 
19K7RL200,0301,20583UWWA8424 7741753015625Western Washington DX Club 
20W0SD (W0DB, op)197,8721,19283BSD6224 235433303221   
21N4AF197,3741,18983BNC5824 178607295109 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
22K7KU (K0KR, op)197,0421,18783BWY6224 18835129431638  
23W4MR (AA4NC, op)195,2161,17683UNC7624 130797209355Potomac Valley Radio Club 
24KY7M194,8841,17483UAZ6224 62458314231109Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
25VE7CC194,8841,17483BBC6224 13131444726220  

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 52

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