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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 251 to 275 of 1291 listed

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251N6NF108,86467281BSCV5215 32261128109142  
252W4MY108,70267181ANC7621 70321198811Potomac Valley Radio Club 
253N4DJ108,54067081BVA6123 210126213121 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
254N0IJ108,37866981UWI5713 98227309332Minnesota Wireless Assn 
255W3SO (W3YOZ, op)108,37866981BWPA0023 2592408189 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
256K3MD108,23265283ULEPA6316 71217290677Frankford Radio Club 
257N7IV107,56866481QND6321 56632203223  
258AA4FU107,42065582ANC7822 186212200552Potomac Valley Radio Club 
259W3KB107,40264783ULEPA6317 12125913312311Frankford Radio Club 
260VE1RGB107,23664683AMAR6123 14714911820527Maritime Contest Club 
261W0PI107,23664683ULMN5821 1831001562016Minnesota Wireless Assn 
262VE3UTT107,09265382UONE6012 922901459828Contest Club Ontario 
263K0TG106,76465182ULMN7318 122216242692Minnesota Wireless Assn 
264K0OU106,73864383QMO5824 11223921181 Kansas City Contest Club 
265K3TN106,07463983BMDC6913 161246162655Potomac Valley Radio Club 
266W2BC (W2RU, op)105,78665381BWNY5412 2111721807119Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
267VE2AWR105,78064582AQC5620 1192181451549  
268N6ZFO105,61664482BSF5510 13914794057Northern California Contest Club 
269K4GM105,07863383UVA6418 171782858712Potomac Valley Radio Club 
270WR9D (KB9UWU, op)104,80065580BIL9916 2352461033833Society of Midwest Contesters 
271NN7SS (K6UFO, op)104,58063083QWWA0522 3113718521859Western Washington DX Club 
272W2JU104,41462983BCT7112 21213116610911Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
273AA2DT104,32864481UWNY6122 1282778614112Rochester (NY) DX Assn 
274N6XI104,24862883USV6110 741601682215Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 
275K8MP104,16664381BOH6213 8139411355 Delara Contest Team 

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Page: 1 · 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 52

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