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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 26 to 50 of 1291 listed

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26AD4Z194,3861,17183BSFL7024 375891643756Florida Contest Group 
27K0EU194,2201,17083ACO7024 1164734639820Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
28KH7X194,0541,16983MPAC6623 4326319261754 (KH6ND & K7NV, ops)
29N4BP193,8881,16883USFL5523  4942154563Florida Contest Group 
30KB7Q193,5561,16683UMT6024 108391339328 Northern Rockies DX Association 
31NY3A192,7261,16183UEPA7324 2884942541223Potomac Valley Radio Club 
32W5RU191,5641,15483MLA5524 1093904921621Louisiana Contest Club(KN5O, K1DW, NO5W, N5HZ, ops)
33AA3B190,4021,14783BEPA7024 35333028511762Frankford Radio Club 
34K2TJ187,5801,13183BWNY7524 2714682561278North Coast Contesters 
35K7BG186,2521,12283AMT7523 8030348516688Northern Rockies DX Association 
36VO1XX (K5KG, op)184,7581,11383UNL5724 9223448221194  
37K9CT184,0941,10983BIL6724 2295981741008Society of Midwest Contesters 
38W6NV183,6801,12082BEB5924 11019150029029Northern California Contest Club 
39N4ZZ183,0981,10383UTN5724 19666120145 Tennessee Contest Group 
40KD4D183,0981,10383BMDC7124 353320330100 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
41NP4Z182,9321,10283APR8123 2495193112300  
42K8IA182,4341,09983BAZ5723 1642936324942Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
43K4TD182,1021,09783UAL6922 11868623855 Alabama Contest Group 
44N4GG182,1021,09783UGA6124 2264573061017South East Contest Club 
45N4ZR180,7741,08983UWV5423 1755112511457Potomac Valley Radio Club 
46K4RO180,2761,08683ATN7624 2115362366637Tennessee Contest Group 
47NR5M (N5NU, op)180,1101,08583BSTX6624 8240730125144DFW Contest Group 
48N8OO179,9441,08483BLA7324 13135239418918  
49KO7AA179,2801,08083UAZ7021 5933034527670Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
50N6PN178,9481,07883BSCV6424 11035513841164Northern California Contest Club(@ N6TV)

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 52

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