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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 51 to 75 of 1291 listed

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51K4BAI178,2841,07483BGA5424 1295672945925Georgia Contest Group 
52W6PH177,7861,07183BORG5524 145310300316 Southern California Contest Club 
53N0AT (N0KK, op)177,6201,07083AMN7724 187449346862Minnesota Wireless Assn 
54N4OGW177,4541,06983AMS8624 183411367999Alabama Contest Group 
55AA5B176,9561,06683UNM6824 524463801826New Mexico Big River Contesters 
56WR3Z176,7901,06583UMDC7724 280406162217 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
57VA7RR175,9721,07382ABC7324 8118936137468  
58KM6I175,4801,07082USCV7523 642963463586Northern California Contest Club(@ AD6Z)
59K0HC174,4661,05183SKS9724 132453380851 W0BH
60W4RM173,6361,04683MVA7624 33025532512313Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ W4NF & K5VG)
61N9CK173,4701,04583AWI6724 2314602548614Society of Midwest Contesters 
62AC8E (K8MR, op)173,3041,04483BOH6422 2266031336022Mad River Radio Club 
63WX3B173,3041,04483UMDC7624 297207411129 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
64K0S172,8061,04183MNE1224 270245404122  (AB0S, K0WA, K0BJ, W0NO, WN0L, ops)
65KE7X171,6441,03583ULMT5923 11432235022622  
66WX0B (K5GA, op)170,9801,03083BNTX6017 134407306183 DFW Contest Group 
67K5ZD170,1501,02583BWMA7318 1593613721294Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
68N9RV170,1501,02583BMT6714 60280303213169Northern Rockies DX Association 
69K7GK169,8181,02383AEB8524 11124832926273Northern California Contest Club(@ W6JZH)
70NA0N169,2481,03282AMN9124 18135040497 Minnesota Wireless Assn 
71K4O (K1RX, op)169,1541,01983BNH6323  1,019   Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
72W1NN168,6561,01683AOH5724 4413331218239Mad River Radio Club 
73NE9U168,4901,01583UWI7224 2284072601155Minnesota Wireless Assn 
74WC6H168,4281,02782BSJV7124 114282316207108Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 
75N7XU (K4XU, op)168,1581,01383ULOR6024 12223539324419Central Oregon DX Club 

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