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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 101 to 125 of 1291 listed

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101N8BJQ156,04094083UOH9822 281416927972Southwest Ohio DX Assn 
102K1LT155,87493983BOH6923 28329713413095Mad River Radio Club 
103N0XR155,47294882UIA8723 217334370243Iowa DX and Contest Club 
104N6HC155,37693683UORG5723 10026427423761Southern California Contest Club 
105NO3M155,21093583AWPA9524 2814311288510  
106W6XB (W0ZZ, op)154,98094582BSV6221 86278234194153Northern California Contest Club 
107N4PN154,71293283AGA5324 24220832311148Georgia Contest Group 
108K3ZO154,16094082BMDC5220 14960492923Potomac Valley Radio Club 
109AA7V153,55092583BAZ7019 5729622730144Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
110W2CS153,55092583ULENY6023 36028620475   
111W2ID153,38492483ANNJ7724 296200322979Frankford Radio Club 
112VY1EI153,34093582MNT0622  81333396125 (+ WJ2O)
113W1HQ153,05292283MLCT0224 3083011861234 (KX9X & KI1U, ops)
114W7YAQ152,72092083AOR5424 87193319172149Willamette Valley DX Club 
115W8EDU151,39291283MOH4823 255362170125 Mad River Radio Club(W8RZ & W8WTS, ops)
116N4GI151,06091083MWCF9520 364882531258Florida Contest Group(+ WF3C)
117W7ZRC150,89490983AID5418 2622331231830  
118K0EJ149,56690183BTN6818 17641217810926Tennessee Contest Group 
119W2LK149,23489983AENY5523 34522415713340Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers 
120K3AU (K2YWE, op)147,57488983ULMDC5624 3051492631675Potomac Valley Radio Club 
121K2PO147,24288783AOR7121 501843642863Willamette Valley DX Club 
122N4OO147,07688683AGA7624 213421209403Georgia Contest Group 
123WA2BCK147,07688683BVA6521 2083201322179Potomac Valley Radio Club 
124W1VE146,94489682BWMA7523 20742213411815Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
125W2EG146,78089582AENY6424 1304611989313Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers 

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