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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 76 to 100 of 1291 listed

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76W6TK168,1581,01383MSB5724213019933432127Southern California Contest Club(+ AC6T & N6WS)
77N2MM167,1621,00783USNJ6022 2633502741146Frankford Radio Club 
78W6OAT167,1621,00783USCV5821  26127245222Northern California Contest Club 
79N5WR166,3321,00283AOK8924 8839335414819  
80N3ZZ166,0001,00083USCV5322 12621540023029Northern California Contest Club 
81W1SRD165,66899883USV7423 11520836827334Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 
82N4QS165,33699683UKY6724 2294601829926Paducah Amateur Radio Association 
83W0ZA164,67299283UCO742411362514949515Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
84K4VV (K3WI, op)164,50699183UVA5122 19944115518412Potomac Valley Radio Club 
85W1UJ163,51098583UWMA8824 2315249410630Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
86KK7S163,34498483ULWWA792316325034331611Western Washington DX Club 
87K3WA162,68098083UIL5624 31735122191 Society of Midwest Contesters 
88N1LN162,51497983UNC6420 269362289572Potomac Valley Radio Club 
89W0OR161,67699881BMN5424 21021150869 Minnesota Wireless Assn 
90VE6EX161,18697183AAB5824 104171456240 Alberta Clippers 
91K1KD160,55697982UMN8624 24934528897 Minnesota Wireless Assn 
92K8BL159,52696183ULOH6124 27739716211114North Coast Contesters 
93W0EEE159,02895883MLMO3124 1944152161321Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club(N0AX & N0SSC, ops)
94K5TA158,86295783BNM6619 6326323238910New Mexico Big River Contesters 
95AJ9C158,53095583AIN7423 18752723731Society of Midwest Contesters 
96KE9I158,36495483BIN7522 29054780361Society of Midwest Contesters 
97NE0U158,26096582BMN7224 1144652831012Minnesota Wireless Assn 
98K0HB157,03694683MMN6323 134407315864Minnesota Wireless Assn(+ K0CKB)
99K0AD156,62095582AMN6124 155342306152 Minnesota Wireless Assn 
100W4MYA156,20694183UVA5824 2673151392191Potomac Valley Radio Club 

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