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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 176 to 200 of 1291 listed

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176K3WW129,31477983UEPA5917 29710811723027Frankford Radio Club 
177N1WR128,48477483UMDC6121 13528725498 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
178N2YO127,82077083UVA9121 3292051378613Potomac Valley Radio Club 
179N4UW127,65476983MLTN7622 246321160402Tennessee Contest Group(+ N4IR & N4DD)
180K6NX127,32276783MORG6823 80133128255171Southern California Contest Club(KI6X, N6GP, N6KN, WA6DPQ, ops)
181W7ZR127,32276783AAZ5421 11413321523372Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
182N3JT127,15676683ULVA6016 1743091818517Potomac Valley Radio Club 
183K0LUZ126,99076583UNFL5717 522162652239Florida Contest Group 
184AB3CX126,49276283ULWNY6321 1902182161371Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers 
185K9UIY125,95276882AIL5924 251333846733Society of Midwest Contesters 
186WT9U125,95276882AIN7519 311285994726Society of Midwest Contesters 
187K4FXN125,49675683ULKY5918 77369272335Kentucky Contest Group 
188N3UM125,44078480BMDC5220 19229124853 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
189VE3TA125,33075583UONS5914 14320726113410Contest Club Ontario 
190KT0A125,13276382ULSD6819 42882961741  
191K3IU124,31275882URI5619 8031221813810CTRI Contest Group 
192W4AU123,50474583BVA5616 16035813492 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
193VE3MM123,33874383BONS6817  59713115 Contest Club Ontario 
194KA2D122,67473983MNLI9922 77402195641Order of Boiled Owls of New York(+ N2GA, N2MUN, K2DO)
195K3WT122,63475781BMN6217 7228326812410Minnesota Wireless Assn 
196K6LRN122,50873883BSV5515 12114237375 Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 
197W0UO122,14875481ANTX5723 12232913314327DFW Contest Group 
198VA7ST122,08076380ABC8219 4118435317015Orca DX and Contest Club 
199K7HP121,84473483UAZ5118 8518914224672Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
200N4FX121,52474182MVA6222 210107380413Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ NW9X)

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Page: 1 · 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 52

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