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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 201 to 225 of 1291 listed

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201K3ZZ121,36074082UMDC5621 16426917711119Potomac Valley Radio Club(@ WA3EKL)
202WD4AHZ121,01472983AWCF7622 11312924023116Florida Contest Group 
203K4EU120,86873782BVA6417 23021318410010Potomac Valley Radio Club 
204K9NW120,84872883UIN7914 27432095318Mad River Radio Club 
205N7WA120,21273382AWWA7223 6222227911654Western Washington DX Club 
206KB9OWD120,18472483ULWI9624 2023451036113Society of Midwest Contesters 
207N0AC119,88074081AIA7823 21729718343 Iowa DX and Contest Club 
208KT0R (K0OB, op)119,85272283ULMN7713 2428232393 Minnesota Wireless Assn 
209WD5K119,85272283ANTX6224 2132211681164North Texas Contest Club 
210K9JM119,68672183BSV6515 5122725117616Northern California Contest Club 
211N6RK119,68074880BSV6514 51248140131178Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 
212ND2T119,18871983USCV5715 2410723334014Northern California Contest Club 
213N3QE119,07073581AMDC7820 222316791144Potomac Valley Radio Club 
214WI9WI118,90072582AWI5820 104356156109 Minnesota Wireless Assn 
215N4DW118,08072082ULTN5823 2582429010426Bristol (TN) ARC 
216K6YT (W0YK, op)117,92073880BSCV621625   66943Northern California Contest Club 
217N4TZ117,86071083AIN6117 1522841497847Society of Midwest Contesters 
218N4UA117,58871782AVA6223 213309967128Potomac Valley Radio Club 
219N6NZ116,86470483USJV7221 851913338213Northern California Contest Club 
220WA7LT116,68874878BEWA4821 129192206221 Spokane DX Association 
221VE5ZX116,53270283ASK6318 1314112641210Saskatchewan Contest Club 
222K1XM115,99271681AEMA7114 214809310319Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
223KB1T115,36072180ANH5524 1711732411351Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
224W4BQF115,12870282UGA5312 39343181139 Georgia Contest Group 
225NM2L114,87269283AGA6120 164292201269Georgia Contest Group 

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