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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 1 to 25 of 1673 listed

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1W6YI371,3422,23783MSDG5624 176479276629677Southern California Contest Club(+ N6KI, N6MJ, N6WIN, K6AM)
2VY2ZM341,7942,05983BMAR5524 215421,18636274Maritime Contest Club 
3W7WA333,8262,01183BWWA7024 45390487671418Western Washington DX Club 
4WP2Z (NQ6N, op)331,1701,99583BVI5824  551461504479  
5NR5M319,5501,92583BSTX6624 61694578442150DFW Contest Group 
6K5TR319,2181,92383BSTX7624 93582870278100Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
7K4XS318,7201,92083UNFL6224 5192464329012Florida Contest Group 
8K7RL312,2461,88183BWWA8424 109452514396410Western Washington DX Club 
9K0CL305,4401,84083MCO6421 171422539479229Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado(+ K0UK)
10NN3W302,6181,82383BVA8524 38772153813344Potomac Valley Radio Club(@ N4RV)
11K6LL293,1561,76683UAZ5924 85373326343639Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
12WC6H288,1761,73683BSJV7124 143452462543136Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 
13W5RU285,5201,72083MLA5524 19849170823291Louisiana Contest Club(KN5O, K1DW, KG5VK, K5ER, KA5M, K5TFH, NX8G, ops)
14K5NA (WM5R, op)283,8601,71083BSTX9324 7347377437317Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
15N5ZC281,5361,69683UWTX7924 16339526184928  
16K6XX281,2041,69583BSCV7424 56373373689203Northern California Contest Club 
17W2RE281,2041,69483BNNY8824 396577402319 Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers 
18K6NA (N6ED, op)280,2081,68883BSDG8924 129398411526224Southern California Contest Club 
19K7IR280,2081,68883MEWA7324 116336319469448Western Washington DX Club 
20NC1I (K9PW, op)280,2081,68883BWMA7324 25289434611581  
21W0UA279,7101,68583BCO6224 207270493544171  
22K4OV276,2241,66483MNC7824 52634261515328Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ N1BA)
23AA5B274,7301,65583BNM6824 176378356498247New Mexico Big River Contesters 
24KH6LC (NH6V, op)273,5681,64883APAC6624 8254338401647  
25K4SSU (N4OO, op)273,4021,64783BGA7524 1987925934816Georgia Contest Group 

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