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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 126 to 150 of 1673 listed

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126W2ID162,84698183ANNJ9823 332464269861Frankford Radio Club 
127WX4G162,19698982UNC6019 37119316021748Potomac Valley Radio Club 
128K6MMM161,68497483MSCV1120 11310034634570Northern California Contest Club(KE1B & W6NN, ops)
129AL1G161,04898282BAK9816  8141402431  
130N3KS161,02097083UMDC7512 219658192351Potomac Valley Radio Club 
131K8PO160,35696683BME5513 6332835315864Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
132K4VV (K3WI, op)159,85896383MVA5111 745429517730Potomac Valley Radio Club 
133KM6I158,69695683USCV7523 143188339168118Northern California Contest Club(@ AD6Z)
134W1NG158,69695683UCT5912 3904814034236Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
135W7IJ157,20294783UWWA5523 9711822845351Western Washington DX Club 
136K0EJ155,54293783BTN6811 28273299203134Tennessee Contest Group 
137AB4GG155,37693683UTN9917 466157105208 Tennessee Contest Group 
138VE6BBP155,30894782BAB8018 1918284311351  
139VE3RZ153,05292283BGTA6815 43911715516546Contest Club Ontario 
140N1HRA152,55491983BRI9018 1922888826091CTRI Contest Group 
141N7PI151,39291283MID5719 4817224742025 (K0IP, ND7O, KO7P, ops)
142N0MA150,72890883MIA9523 14424629817050Eastern Iowa DX Assn(W7II, KX9Y, N0LNO, KC0YGW, AA0KW, KA0IES, K0DAS, KB0NRP, W0IY, ops)
143NE0U150,66093081BMN7219 8338640556 Minnesota Wireless Assn 
144VE4VT150,22491682BMB8314 7318631930236  
145N6JS149,73291382BEB7718 8290112367262Northern California Contest Club 
146NK7J (W7SMF, op)148,07289283MOR8917 9081213308200  
147N6HD147,76490182MLAX7423 20308189190194Southern California Contest Club(+ KI6FGV)
148N1WR146,78089582UMDC6120 26422026112525Potomac Valley Radio Club 
149K3AJ145,08487483MLMDC6723 2663048120716Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ AB3CV)
150W1QK144,42087083MCT7324 16623111633324Yankee Clipper Contest Club(+ KA1SYG, NG1R, W1QH)

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Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 60 · 67

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