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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 276 to 300 of 1673 listed

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276VE3MGY97,17463177ULONS9115 329259412 Contest Club Ontario 
277K6YT (W0YK, op)96,94458483BSCV6211  22151645Northern California Contest Club 
278NN7SS (K6UFO, op)96,77858383QWWA0522 2539140178201Western Washington DX Club 
279K3NEM96,61258283MMDC9421 189551788080Potomac Valley Radio Club(WA3AER, K3RA, ND3D, NG3O, K3LU, W4PBG, K3ECR, W1TRT, K0IQE, KB3VQC, ops)
280WB4FDT96,39059581BMDC6717 1483652953 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
281K3UA95,94058582AWPA7210 5091832197North Coast Contesters 
282W1AW (N6VI, op)95,90464874MCT388  499149    
283KL2R95,74259181MAK0622 43994196258 (N1TX, WL7BDO, KL6C, KL8DX, ops)
284W6AFA95,61258382ALAX7519 393516631924Southern California Contest Club 
285KK7AC95,28457483AAZ9222 45204295129Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
286WA1J95,28457483MLWMA1122 1442001049828Yankee Clipper Contest Club(N1TA & K1MAZ, ops @ N1TA)
287N4FX94,95657982UVA6214 28517616993Potomac Valley Radio Club 
288NT8Z94,77058581AOH8122 245174963337Delara Contest Team 
289WD8S94,62857882AMI7212 1842251014819Hazel Park ARC 
290WV1H (KB1YHD, op)93,80857282MRI9116 102732576575Fidelity ARC 
291K4IVF93,79056583BVA7415 37556228032Potomac Valley Radio Club 
292VE9HF93,53663274BMAR785  855443 Maritime Contest Club 
293N6YEU93,15256882ASF8815  4413030391Northern California Contest Club 
294W4FT93,12656183ANC9721 29981965827  
295W9GE93,12656183UMDC6713 2091545912415Potomac Valley Radio Club 
296W4SVO92,98856782QSFL6319 416917622061South East Contest Club 
297KS2G92,96056083ANLI7715 162466319495Order of Boiled Owls of New York 
298N0BUI92,90458879UMN6313 726027613149Minnesota Wireless Assn 
299VA7JW92,70860277BBC5910   75527 Orca DX and Contest Club 
300WR9L92,33256382AIL6922 2071791254210Society of Midwest Contesters 

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Page: 1 · 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 60 · 67

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