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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 326 to 350 of 1673 listed

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326K5RT83,42452879BNTX726 1213423836108DFW Contest Group 
327K1BG83,33250283UWMA688 28855519612Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
328K3WW83,31250882UEPA597 258292878115Frankford Radio Club 
329K1VSJ82,66849883ARI6215 1691145611940Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
330W0OR82,17049583BMN5411 1051261625151Minnesota Wireless Assn 
331KI1G81,67249283URI767 122228014731CTRI Contest Group 
332N4KG81,67249283UAL5513 88752306732Alabama Contest Group 
333K3AU (K2YWE, op)81,64850481UMDC568 134182741104Potomac Valley Radio Club 
334AA9RT81,44050980AIL9419 218891026634Society of Midwest Contesters 
335AB2DE81,34049083MNNJ9515 221554656112 (+ KC2AVE)
336W3KB81,00848883ULEPA6313 5316910513922Frankford Radio Club 
337W0ZF80,52449182MLMN8022 11612213410811Minnesota Wireless Assn(+ K0BBC)
338KB7Q80,51456771ULMT608  23138104302Northern Rockies DX Association 
339NF7E80,42250979AAZ7613 63924263177Northern Arizona DX Assn 
340KK6ZM79,68048083BEB0912 391442572812Northern California Contest Club 
341N3JT78,08448281AVA6011 88215567350Potomac Valley Radio Club 
342NK8Q77,85446983QWPA8224 190106467849Nittany ARC 
343W6BO77,60048580MSV7417 935651108177Mother Lode DX/Contest Club(+ N6BOB)
344KB5YIA77,11247681ANTX9319 573834167180McKinney ARC 
345KM9M76,75246882UIL7915 84279108015Society of Midwest Contesters 
346N0UY76,75246882AMN9216 641272621536Minnesota Wireless Assn 
347NH6Y76,60850476BPAC5915  210636234  
348KL7AIR76,46447281MAK4814 71526161263ELMENDORF ARS(NL7WW, KL7YK, KL7KO, KL7MD, KL3IE, NL7W, ops)
349N9LYE76,42446682AIL9119 1361381047018Society of Midwest Contesters 
350W1OP (K1PLX, op)76,09646482ARI1915 10329297224Providence Radio Assn 

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