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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 26 to 50 of 1673 listed

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26N0XR273,0701,64583UIA8724 55430454423013Iowa DX and Contest Club(@ N0NI)
27W4MR270,7461,63183MNC7624 32484929714615Potomac Valley Radio Club(AA4NC & K4MA, ops)
28K7KU (K0KR, op)266,5961,60683BWY6222 147310470306373  
29WY7SS266,4301,60683MWY0923 492111,08324022 (WY7KRA, WY7LL, WY7FD, ops)
30W2FU266,0981,60383MWNY4424 40260034621441North Coast Contesters(+ K0SM, K2TJ, N2ZN, NW2K)
31WB1GQR (W1SJ, op)265,1021,59783UVT6924 6901315502251Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont 
32AA9A264,9361,59683BWI6924 418522621 35  
33K1LZ261,4501,57583MEMA6924 28560635424090 (+ AE2W, N8BO, K3JO, KB1RDZ)
34W6YX258,2961,55783SSCV2424 8628354758357Northern California Contest Club(NF1R, KZ2V, K6SF, KG6NUB, N7MH, ops)
35KE3X257,9641,55483BMDC7424 470240784591Potomac Valley Radio Club 
36AD4Z252,9841,52483BSFL7024 6647152841049Florida Contest Group 
37WR9D (KB9UWU, op)250,1621,50783BIL9923 31064941811218Society of Midwest Contesters 
38K5TA249,9961,50683BNM6620 169214365477281New Mexico Big River Contesters 
39W7RN (WX5S, op)249,8301,50583UNV5924 117538395197258Northern California Contest Club 
40K9CT248,5021,49783BIL6724 313630258145151Society of Midwest Contesters 
41K1KD248,0041,49483UMN8624 454191752961Minnesota Wireless Assn 
42W5WMU247,3401,49083ULA5224 71474650119176  
43W1SRD245,5081,49782USV7423 178134452501232Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 
44N2BJ245,1821,47783UIL6124 4044734069698Society of Midwest Contesters 
45W1VE245,0161,47683MWMA7524 2297339938035Yankee Clipper Contest Club(+ NJ1F)
46N4BP243,8541,46983BSFL5521  50219774228Florida Contest Group 
47KD4D242,3921,47882BMDC7124 50734743016628Potomac Valley Radio Club 
48K4BAI241,3641,45483BGA5421 31725187466Georgia Contest Group 
49VE7CC241,1981,45483BBC6224 188333193295444  
50N3OC240,2021,44783MMDC7324 32270715922138Potomac Valley Radio Club(+ WR3Z & N1SZ)

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