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2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone)

Entries 101 to 125 of 1673 listed

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101K2XR184,3561,13881UEPA6719 476295377917  
102K7XC184,2601,11083ULNV7917 1108427456379Northern California Contest Club 
103N6HC181,9361,09683UORG5718 1112002275517Southern California Contest Club 
104N1LN180,7741,08983UNC6418 30857713668 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
105VO1MP180,2761,08683UNL7717 52474275582East Coast Canada Contest Club 
106WD5K179,6121,08283ANTX6224 26132311351127North Texas Contest Club 
107N5WR178,5241,10281BOK8920 15639228725017 (@ K5WE)
108KB0HH177,4541,06983MOK7520 10315128551119 (+ WD0GTY & N5UM)
109K8BL177,2881,06883ULOH6124 41518318921566North Coast Contesters 
110N3UM173,9681,04883BMDC5220 327305279137 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
111KI6LZ173,4701,04583ASB6823 60204131417233  
112AC0W173,1381,04383AMN6921 19322629631414Minnesota Wireless Assn 
113WZ8P172,9721,04283UOH6222 485366539048Mad River Radio Club 
114N4WW (WF3C, op)172,6921,05382BNFL6120 41447529324Florida Contest Group 
115N5DO171,9761,03683ULWTX9023 148137165293293Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
116K9MWM169,9841,02483BCO5822 102279126369148Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
117K5LLA168,3241,01483USTX5823 23634325251168Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
118KB0VVT168,1581,01383MLMO9624 2845541624216Raytown ARC(+ KG0UT & KG0US)
119WB0TEV167,4941,00983UNTX7624 113261299233103North Texas Contest Club 
120KC4HW165,9681,01282BAL7817 373924886431Alabama Contest Group 
121AD5XD165,17099583BNTX9424 15714953513123DFW Contest Group 
122WA0N164,67299283BKS6319 1721094272822  
123K1JB163,67698683UME5414 2191432337951Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
124K7UT163,50899782UUT5915 15067296196288Utah DX Association 
125WX7P163,17898383MEWA5223111812520843695Spokane DX Association(+ N7CKJ, KB7HDX, K7HPT, K2CLH)

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