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  A - Single Op QRP
  B - Single Op Low
  C - Single Op High
  D - Multioperator High Power
  E - Multioperator Low Power
  F - Single Op Unlimited QRP
  G - Singe Op Unlimited Low
  H - Single Op Unlimited High

2012 ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Entries 376 to 400 of 1174 listed

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376W9WI42,27333763BTNTennessee Contest Group 
377KQ0C42,26525779DCOGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
378W0ETT42,18026976BCOGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
379NE3H41,97433362CEPAPotomac Valley Radio Club 
381VE9AA41,58030866CMARMaritime Contest Club 
382N4TB41,40029569CWCFFlorida Contest Group 
383N9LYE41,34430168BILSociety of Midwest Contesters 
384K0ZR41,27630068DVALoudoun ARG 
385K0MPH41,15232564BMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
386N3XL41,14531865DMDCPotomac Valley Radio Club 
387K9MK40,91922583CNTXDFW Contest Group 
388KN0V40,63532263BMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
389W4SVO40,56023178CSFLSouth East Contest Club 
390KK9H39,87231164DILSociety of Midwest Contesters 
391W8IDM39,84634058BOHWest Park Radiops 
392K0CN39,82525875DMNMinnesota Wireless Assn 
395WC6H39,05027371CSJVMother Lode DX/Contest Club 
396WA3MKC38,87430862BMDCPotomac Valley Radio Club 
397N4JF38,57128269BALAlabama Contest Group 
399W2NO38,36730163DNNJFrankford Radio Club 
400W2LE38,19027267CNNJFrankford Radio Club 

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Page: 1 · 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 · 30 · 40 · 47

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The results from ARRL contests are available here. Items noted with the Members Only tag are the full expanded web results available to ARRL members. Adobe Acrobat files of the various QST results articles and a set of line scores will be made available to all amateurs when the issue of QST in which they appear is mailed to members.

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