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  3B - Single Op, 3-Band
  A - Single Op Low
  B - Single Op High
  FM - Single Op, FM Only
  Q - Single Op Portable
  L - Limited Multiop
  M - Multi Multi
  R - Rover
  RL - Limited Rover
  RU - Unlimited Rover

2013 ARRL June VHF Contest

Entries 226 to 250 of 1010 listed

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226AB9H10,81615964AILSociety of Midwest Contesters 
227W0JT10,61414061AMNNorthern Lights Radio Society 
228W6YX10,60015150BSCVStanford University ARCAA6XV, KG6NUB, KG4UHM
230W2OW10,43215264LWNYBinghamton ARAN1JPM, AC2HL, NN2K, NI2F, N2HR, N2GSS, WB2GHH, N2BGM, KE2DN, NA2X
231N1GJ10,43111657BEMANorth East Weak Signal Group 
232KR0VER/R10,41613962RUCO (+ALISHA)
233K0BBC/R10,24814861RLSDNorthern Lights Radio Society(+W0ZF)
234KG6IYN10,20020051BSDGSouthern California Contest Club 
235WB5ZDP10,11713567ANTXNorth Texas Microwave Society 
237N9ISN9,936129693BWIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters 
239W7RV9,88015265MAZArizona Outlaws Contest Club 
240W9RVG9,79611379LILSociety of Midwest Contesters(+WD9EXD)
242AC1J9,76618538ANHGranite State ARA 
243K1TO9,636146663BWCFFlorida Contest Group 
246N4OX9,45012675ANFLAlabama Contest Group 
248K7NG9,39812374LOR (+AI7RR)
249K1TR9,13012555BNHYankee Clipper Contest Club 
250W1TR9,07218242ACTNorth East Weak Signal Group 

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