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2013 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 101 to 125 of 1402 listed

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101AF6O164,00898883BORG6124 56249180281222Southern California Contest Club 
102KJ9C163,84298783BIN6224 3062573097243Hoosier DX and Contest Club 
103N6RK163,67698683BSV6523 49263187281206Northern California Contest Club 
104W6SX163,34498483BSJV5622 75334132264179Northern California Contest Club 
105W2CDO162,84698183UMDC6023 1145941521174Potomac Valley Radio Club 
106NY6C162,34897883MUT8324 143245301064 (+WA9ZBV)
107K2AV162,01697683UNC5819 103618148107 Potomac Valley Radio Club 
108K2NNY (K2DB, op)161,68497483ULNNY952311266111406828Rochester (NY) DX Assn 
109K7VU161,51897383AWY6623 72227236320118  
110K1RX161,51897383BNH6315 11643918918049Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
111WY3A161,35297283AEPA6624 1674122811039  
112K7CF161,02097083BID6021 191102336143198Utah DX Association 
113K6AQL (K0DI, op)160,85496983ALAX7324 8418826940028Lincoln ARC 
114N4PN160,85496983ULGA5324 12927723025083Georgia Contest Group 
115NP3A160,68896883APR9221  69283373243  
116N2MM160,35696683ULSNJ6022 16452714210825Frankford Radio Club 
117W8FN159,85896383ANTX6424 7528026025098DFW Contest Group 
118N9CO159,85896383ULIL7324 2124921706920Society of Midwest Contesters 
119W1NN159,52696183AOH5724 3763331476738Mad River Radio Club 
120ND2T159,36096083USCV5719  15829442583Northern California Contest Club 
121K0MPH159,36096083ULMN5723 12532029118539Minnesota Wireless Assn 
122W8CAR158,36495483AOH6024 2914191565236Mad River Radio Club 
123K8BL157,70096183ULOH6124 23640515710349North Coast Contesters 
124K6SU157,53494983MSCV7322 125149387118170Northern California Contest Club(KZ2V, K2YY, K2TJ, ops)
125K7RF157,36894883UOR5820 14213284271166Willamette Valley DX Club 

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