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2013 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 126 to 150 of 1402 listed

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126KT4RR156,70494483MKY1223 5038516217816 (W5MX, K4FT, K4OH, ops)
127KU8E156,53894383AGA7624 7942725415726Alabama Contest Group 
128W4AAX (W2RU, op)156,04094083BVA1321 24427324015429Potomac Valley Radio Club 
129K0TI155,70893883AMN7124 8841721520315Minnesota Wireless Assn 
130KZ5D155,70893883ULA5718 101298277145117Louisiana Contest Club 
131K3AU155,54294383ULMDC5624 22032715818646Potomac Valley Radio Club 
132KN7T155,37693683BWWA7622 8923618041219  
133N6ZFO155,14494682BSF55211103213126371132Northern California Contest Club 
134AA6PW154,71293283AORG8924 31199221359122Southern California Contest Club 
135N5DO154,38093083ULWTX6023 77239112244258Central Texas DX and Contest Club 
136K3AJ154,04892883MNNY6724 83505211129   
137N1WR153,88292783UMDC6124 6248623611330Potomac Valley Radio Club 
138K1XM153,55092583AEMA7121 195978613786Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
139K9NR152,55491983UIL6822 84492303355Kankakee Area Radio Society 
140W7ZRC152,38891883AID5423 7625220430383  
141W2LK151,89091583AENY5524 32422216716735Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers 
142N0XR151,55891383UIA8719 64311385153 Iowa DX and Contest Club 
143N4KH151,22691183ULAL7424 1372943708327Alabama Contest Group 
144W2RQ151,06091083ANNJ6519 3741031582678Frankford Radio Club 
145W9CF (@K8IA)149,56891282AAZ6624 4135422420687Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
146K3MD149,56690183ULEPA6323 16230216024433Frankford Radio Club 
147N4KM149,40090083ANFL7724 4529433518541Florida Contest Group 
148K9KM149,23489983AIL5924 826215411329Society of Midwest Contesters 
149K2XR149,23489983ULEPA6722 10444816614536  
150N9NB148,90289783AVA7523 20134715715933Yankee Clipper Contest Club 

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