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2013 ARRL November Sweepstakes (CW)

Entries 76 to 100 of 1402 listed

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76W1XX175,2961,05783BRI5424 1074194217732CTRI Contest Group 
77KB7Q175,2961,05683ULAZ6024 6933524636541Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
78KY7M175,1301,05583UAZ6219 39238401206171Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 
79WA6O (@N6XG)174,9641,05583BSCV7524 2131528537855Northern California Contest Club 
80NU6S (@NW6P)174,8241,06682BSCV6824 69223303344127Northern California Contest Club 
81K9BGL174,3001,05083BIL5524 14842831954101Society of Midwest Contesters 
82W0ZA174,1341,04983BCO7424513327743216042Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado 
83NE0U173,9681,04883BMN7224 3055918187191Minnesota Wireless Assn 
84N5ZC173,9681,04883UWTX7924 10322227841728  
85N4QS173,1381,04383BKY6724 1853743987313Paducah Amateur Radio Association 
86K5KG173,1381,04383BWCF5723 6831522240533Florida Contest Group 
87K0EJ172,9721,04283BTN6820 13946527514815Tennessee Contest Group 
88K0LUZ171,9761,03683BNFL5721  29736734428Florida Contest Group 
89W4ML171,8101,03583UVA5824 20251518310530Potomac Valley Radio Club 
90N7XU171,4781,03383AOR6023 7523142928315  
91N7IV170,4821,02783AND6323 4536021833074  
92W2VJN169,4861,02183BOR4724 37270242341131Willamette Valley DX Club 
93VE5MX168,9881,01883USK9015 62151259294252Saskatchewan Contest Club 
94K3ZO168,6561,01683BMDC5223 33537014415611Potomac Valley Radio Club 
95K1BG167,9921,01283BWMA6824 305164204224115Yankee Clipper Contest Club 
96N6RO167,9921,01283UEB5316 106184202291229Northern California Contest Club 
97W4AU165,83499983BVA5624 22239924612210Potomac Valley Radio Club 
98N8NA164,67299283ADE6721 74755556147Frankford Radio Club 
99VE4GV164,17498983AMB7218  399316134140  
100N4TZ164,17499083UIN6124 1694572099559Hoosier DX and Contest Club 

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