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2015 ARRL Field Day

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#CallScoreCategoryQSOsPower MultGOTA CallSectionParticipantsClub
1W5FR6,9901F1,7142 NTX2Little Cowhouse Creek RC
2K9UW4,0901F1,0022 WI5Central WI Amateurs
3W5D2,8781F9542 NTX10WX5FWD SKYWARN Team
4KS1R2,4501F3252 ME20Merrymeeting ARS
5W2EF2,1561F4192 NNJ7West Essex ARC
6W0FT2,1021F4062 CO7Loveland ARES
7NI2S2,0301F5402 NNJ8Parsippany OEM RACES
8W7RIM1,9701F2115 AZ9Rim Country ARC
9W9WIL1,9681F4352 IL5Will Cty Em Manag Amateurs
10W3LUZ1,9381F5012 EPA5Luzerne Cty ARES
11NJ2MV1,8101F2902 NNJ6Montvale Em Man Radio Ops
12K6SOL1,6201F4352 EB6 
13W0WML1,5861F3542 IA5Newton ARA
14WC4DC1,4281F3142 TN10Dickson Cty ARC
15VE2CVR1,3041F1882 QC12 
16N7A1,2061F1242 NV3Amargosa ARC
17W9LYA1,0761F2792 IL20Metro ARC
18W3BAL1,0581F3542 MDC10Baltimore City Office of Em Man
19WR4MC1,0281F1562 GA13 
20KI4HUS1,0221F932 KY7Marshall Cty ARA
21KB5MAR9081F1292 NTX15Marshall ARC
22K4NCS8701F2112 VA2National Com System ARC
23WA7AUB8661F402 WWA22Auburn Area EmComm Team
24WA5CKF4961F1282 NTX14Irving ARC
25N7KQ4801F552 AZ5Horned Toad Acres Wireless Assoc

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