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2015 ARRL Field Day

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#CallScoreCategoryQSOsPower MultGOTA CallSectionParticipantsClub
1W2LV8,6065A2,6422 NNJ25Sussex Cty ARC
2KI6BJN8,3225A2,5942K6DMASDG67San Diego Six Shooters ARC
3K4NAB7,7145A1,7762KK4AMJSC30North Augusta Bevedere RC
4K4TS7,1485A1,6742W4IMVA31Rappahannock Valley ARC
5W4OLB6,5025A1,8292 TN30Smoky Mtn ARC
6W9TE5,5785A1,5242KB9DEBIN56Fort Wayne RC
7K3PZN5,3345A1,4832 MDC12Carroll Cty ARC
8NW8S5,3185A1,5422 OH15Lorain Cty Wireless Ops
9K5PRK4,8525A1,0572K5FNTX65Plano ARK
10VE3YRA4,7625A1,2002VE3YRKGTA53York Region ARC
11W6EK4,6485A1,1862N5JEFSV25Sierra Foothills ARC
12W5ANR4,5045A1,0832 AR25Fort Smith Area ARC
13W0AU4,3125A1,0472 MO8Warrensburg Area ARC
14W2VL4,2705A9712 NLI68LIMARC
15W4LKZ3,9425A8222 TN50Sumner Cty ARA
16W3UDX3,8545A9602AA3YWWPA13Butler Cty ARA - PA
17KB5TX3,6025A8982 STX5Kendall ARS
18W4LHS3,5305A1,4182 GA27Coastal ARS
19W2SO3,4705A8142 WNY9The Lancaster ARC
20W7AIA3,4105A9532K7JAOWWA150Clark Cty ARC - WA
21AD1T3,4045A9232 NH14CCDX ARC
22N6NA3,2665A8022 SV35River City AR Com Soc
23W2RME3,2645A6242N2YPWNY31Chenango Valley ARS
24KW4P3,2345A9822 NC15Haywood Cty ARC
25W4SNC3,2085A8002 NC19Iredell Cty ARS

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