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  1 - HQ Station
  A - Single Op Mixed Mode
  B - Single Op Phone Only
  C - Single Op CW Only
  D - Multi Single
  E - Single Op Unlimited Mixed Mode
  F - Single Op Unlimited Phone Only
  G - Single Op Unlimited CW Only
  AC - Administrative Council
  R1 - Region 1 Exec Committee
  R2 - Region 2 Exec Committee
  R3 - Region 3 Exec Committee

  A - QRP
  B - Low
  C - High

2012 IARU HF World Championships

Displaying entries for Class=C and Power=B

Entries 1 to 25 of 815 listed

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#CallScorePowerQSOsMultClassSectionDXCC EntityContinentITU Zone
1YT3M (YT6W, op)1,760,525B1,681325C YUEU28
2LZ8E (LZ2BE, op)1,675,520B2,118308C LZEU28
3LY6A1,420,668B1,838279C LYEU29
4UW5Q (UR3QCW, op)1,362,396B1,618294C UREU29
5OK2ZI1,302,300B1,495300C OK1EU28
6C4Z (5B4AIZ, op)1,148,350B1,127238C 5BAS39
7VA2WA (VA2WDQ, op)1,055,640B1,348228CQC  4
8LY3B1,040,480B1,320280C LYEU29
9RW9C1,017,450B1,035238C UA9AS20
10EA5AER1,015,322B1,486209C EA3EU37
11S51F980,280B1,149280C S5EU28
12RA9DZ949,620B1,074210C UA9AS30
13RG5A925,164B1,178279C UA3EU29
14WA1Z883,361B1,515199CNH  8
15LZ9R (LZ3YY, op)850,238B1,138289C LZEU28
16HK3TU831,616B1,194146C HKSA12
17WX0B (AD5Q, op)792,064B1,384182CNTX  7
18OK1CZ777,878B1,041262C OK1EU28
19R6YY772,079B981271C UA3EU29
20SP5GRM762,816B1,070232C SPEU28
21K3EL758,735B1,171215CSNJ  8
22DJ9DZ742,400B1,048256C DLEU28
23R3QA741,912B1,218228C UA3EU29
24W1NN707,824B1,251208COH  8
25HB9ARF688,560B1,112228C HBEU28

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