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  1 - HQ Station
  A - Single Op Mixed Mode
  B - Single Op Phone Only
  C - Single Op CW Only
  D - Multi Single
  E - Single Op Unlimited Mixed Mode
  F - Single Op Unlimited Phone Only
  G - Single Op Unlimited CW Only
  AC - Administrative Council
  R1 - Region 1 Exec Committee
  R2 - Region 2 Exec Committee
  R3 - Region 3 Exec Committee

  A - QRP
  B - Low
  C - High

2014 IARU HF World Championships

Displaying entries for Class=C and Power=B and DXCC Entity=EA3

Entries 1 to 9 of 9 listed

#CallScorePowerQSOsMultClassSectionDXCC EntityContinentITU Zone
1EA3GBA240,394B76198C EA3EU37
2EF2B135,135B409117C EA3EU37
3EA5CP83,800B284100C EA3EU37
4EF3A (EA3KU, op)56,336B33456C EA3EU37
5EA3AVV54,385B26773C EA3EU37
6AM03CV19,396B10352C EA3EU37
7EA2CW16,092B11136C EA3EU37
8EA5IIK5,244B6019C EA3EU37
9EA5VN4,352B5234C EA3EU37

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