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  1 - HQ Station
  A - Single Op Mixed Mode
  B - Single Op Phone Only
  C - Single Op CW Only
  D - Multi Single
  E - Single Op Unlimited Mixed Mode
  F - Single Op Unlimited Phone Only
  G - Single Op Unlimited CW Only
  AC - Administrative Council
  R1 - Region 1 Exec Committee
  R2 - Region 2 Exec Committee
  R3 - Region 3 Exec Committee

  A - QRP
  B - Low
  C - High

2015 IARU HF World Championships

Displaying entries for Class=G and Power=B

Entries 1 to 25 of 236 listed

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#CallScorePowerQSOsMultClassSectionDXCC EntityContinentITU Zone
1LZ9R (LZ3YY, op)1,689,800B1,718350G LZEU28
2UT4LW1,487,124B1,718303G UREU29
3YO5LD1,455,156B1,545332G YOEU28
4S56A1,204,496B1,096332G S5EU28
5SP3HRN1,065,120B1,094317G SPEU28
6DR5X (DL9EE, op)1,033,344B1,020312G DLEU28
7SN7O (SP7IVO, op)940,324B943308G SPEU28
8DL0UM (DL7FER, op)856,494B1,005306G DLEU28
9UA3MIF838,112B899352G UA3EU29
10LY2AJ789,757B1,163241G LYEU29
11R8OA729,968B990172G UA9AS31
12R7CT705,900B987260G UA3EU29
13OK7Y (OK1FDY, op)692,944B886269G OK1EU28
14UT2IO636,363B873273G UREU29
15CN8KD609,152B1,017128G CNAF37
16YU1AHW (YT2TA, op)572,064B914236G YUEU28
17N5DO569,490B888205GWTX  7
18RA9MX519,030B628237G UA9AS30
19R9RT481,869B567243G UA9AS30
20UA3QAM453,618B678237G UA3EU29
21UR7MZ452,750B687250G UREU29
22WD4AHZ431,604B677228GWCF  8
23ED2A (EA2CW, op)415,975B687175G EA3EU37
24US6EX396,865B693161G UREU29
25ON5JT384,702B661194G ON1EU27

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