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  1 - HQ Station
  A - Single Op Mixed Mode
  B - Single Op Phone Only
  C - Single Op CW Only
  D - Multi Single
  E - Single Op Unlimited Mixed Mode
  F - Single Op Unlimited Phone Only
  G - Single Op Unlimited CW Only
  AC - Administrative Council
  R1 - Region 1 Exec Committee
  R2 - Region 2 Exec Committee
  R3 - Region 3 Exec Committee

  A - QRP
  B - Low
  C - High

2016 IARU HF World Championships

Displaying entries for Class=G and Power=C

Entries 1 to 25 of 253 listed

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#CallScorePowerQSOsMultClassSectionDXCC EntityContinentITU Zone
1SN7Q (SP7GIQ, op)2,989,884C2,596354G SPEU28
2RT9A2,799,424C1,972332G UA9AS30
3P40W (W2GD, op)2,768,775C2,117285G P4SA11
4RT9S2,675,100C2,031300G UA9AS30
5YR8D (YO8TTT, op)2,239,200C2,050360G YOEU28
6IR2C (IK2PFL, op)2,219,425C2,193325G IEU28
7UT0U (UT5UDX, op)1,711,476C1,942299G UREU29
8OQ5M (ON5ZO, op)1,617,972C1,639292G ON1EU27
9K5GN1,567,328C2,137224GSTX  7
10ED2C (EA2CW, op)1,335,047C1,481269G EAEU37
11SP2LNW1,230,720C1,178320G SPEU28
12DL4WA1,103,310C1,198299G DLEU28
13YT4T1,057,312C1,338296G YUEU28
14K9NW1,037,316C1,542233GIN  8
15WX0B (AD5Q, op)1,030,744C1,716187GNTX  7
16K1MK1,004,496C1,085272GWMA  8
17LA8OM981,855C1,655189G LA1EU18
18UT5UJO981,180C1,281276G UREU29
19N3AD979,368C1,418219GEPA  8
20N7AT (K8IA, op)952,134C1,591186GAZ  6
21VO1MP949,725C1,251201GNL  9
22EF3A (EA3KU, op)935,208C1,263248G EAEU37
23SC0N906,840C1,338220G SMEU18
24N5XZ900,060C1,418210GSTX  7
25UA6LCN896,826C1,221262G UA3EU29

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