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Contest Soapbox

2013 ARRL August UHF Contest

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    11/20/2013 | N1DGF

    After 5 UHF contest trips to FN53 Maine, Neil, N1DGF, and I said this would be our last trip to FN53. Setting up 6 bands Field Day style was getting to be too much an effort for the very low QSO count. Little did either of us know it would be Neil's la... Read More

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    09/06/2013 | KC0P/R

    Saturday afternoon KC0P/R Mel & N0HZO/R Carol worked EN33, EN43 and EN44 from near the St. Charles Grid Square corner of 44N & 92W. Multiple contacts & bands with W0ZQ/R, KC0IYT/R and fixed stations W0UC, W0GHZ, N0AKC & W0NE. Our best DX was from EN44a... Read More

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    08/11/2013 | N6NB

    This was a really good UHF contest.  One of the highlights, in California and perhaps elsewhere, was having so many women and families on the air on the higher bands.  There were at least four women out here who operated all the way up to 24 GHz during... Read More

  • 08/06/2013 | W9SZ

    Murphy seemed to be out to get me in this contest. Although I managed to avert him at every turn, I have never had so much go wrong in a single contest. I decided to try being a Rover in this year's contest in a limited sense - to operate from EN50 on ... Read More

  • 08/05/2013 | WV9E

    Somewhat behind schedule start... 3 pm local (20:00utc) due to various set up issues, namely getting the 4 band stack up on something high enough to clear the shop roof (20ft).  Settled on using my reach forklift, can put 8,000lbs upto 42 feet...   Co... Read More

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    08/04/2013 | K3TUF

     My favorite contest and a great time to get the station ready for the big Sept and January events.  This year I had a late start due to an out of town funeral but tried to catch up to no avail.  Had half the score from last year.  Guess late start is ... Read More

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    08/04/2013 | W0JT

    I had the four lower bands (222-1296) working properly, but conditions were dismal and participation was scant. I only managed to make 13 QSO's all day Saturday, and by the time I paused for a little overnight sleep, I had not succeeded in working any ... Read More

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    08/04/2013 | WB3IGR

    We had fun this UHF contest. for the first time my wife WB3LTH participated. She started out just logging, and did a GREAT job. But I did snap a picture of her with the mic in her hand! 42 contacts with 26 multipliers on 3 bands, 222, 432, and 903.  Read More