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NCJ Survey

Welcome to the National Contest Journal reader survey. New surveys will appear on a bimonthly basis and the results will appear in an upcoming issue of the National Contest Journal.

Current Survey

Answer the following questions and then click SUBMIT to send your answers.

Should hams be trusted to state their actual category (assisted/unassisted/high/low power, etc)? *

Should the unassisted class for USA-sponsored event be eliminated, as has been done for most European-nation-sponsored contests? *

Should there be a separate category for remote operations? *

Should there be a separate youth category for contesters under the age of 50? *

For unassisted class, even with continuous recording, it is too easy for a ham to cheat by tuning up and down the RBN band-map on CW or RTTY, and waiting until the station identifies to make it seem as though he or she is unassisted? *

In the instance where a station has its own skimmer program, should this station be classified as assisted class? *