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Entry Level License Survey

Your Input Is Requested!

This request comes from the Entry Level License Committee established by the ARRL Board of Directors and appointed in September 2016. We were tasked with evaluating the current entry level license (Technician) and making any recommendations to the Board for possible rules changes to recommend to the FCC.

The result could mean changes to the Technician license, but could also be an additional, but simpler, license with privileges that would give a newcomer experience with most facets of ham radio from HF to VHF and UHF, using all modes.

What are the problems we're trying to solve?

- The declining population of new hams under the age of 30.

- A decline in the number of new licensees who actually get on the air.

- Amateur Radio's lack of appeal for those under the age of 30, compared to other technical hobbies.

- The increasing challenge of engaging and retaining Technician licensees.

- A reluctance in much of the amateur community to embrace newer technologies of interest to the younger segment of the population.

The working mission:

- Encourage students and young adults to learn about ham radio.

- Train licensees for concepts necessary to be effective and successful.

- Provide sufficient privileges that will make Amateur Radio more attractive.

- Build in a strong incentive to upgrade to next license level.

For a more detailed view of the Entry Level License Committee's work, click here to visit the Committee Reports page, and then click on Ad Hoc Committee report 24.  

Please bear in mind: no decisions have been made yet. This project will not advance until we have your input as an ARRL member.

Here are some of the things we’ve been talking about and your input would be very helpful! Please complete the survey form below and then click the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

What year were you first licensed?

How old were you when you were first licensed?

If you upgraded from a Novice license to your present license class, how long did it take you to upgrade?

What is your present license class?

Rather than creating a new entry level license, would you prefer that existing Technician license privileges change instead?

How many questions would be on your ideal entry-level license exam?

Which of the following power limits would you suggest for an entry-level license on HF?

Do you think the entry-level license should allow for some use of digital and voice on the HF bands?

Should the entry level license have a call sign that will identify the operator as a beginner?

To encourage upgrading, should the entry level license be limited in duration?

To reduce the complexity and number of questions on the exam, some people have suggested that the entry level license does not need to allow repeater control, beacons, automatic control, or space station control. Do you agree?