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TI-1 Agenda

Introduction to Wireless Technology Curriculum and Agenda

Monday / Day 1

I. Introductions & Logistics

II. Educational Context for Wireless Technology

III. Basic Electronics

IV. Soldering 101 (24-hour digital clock kit)

Tuesday / Day 2

I. Day 1 Review

II. Understanding Signals - The Science of Wireless Technology

III. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Fundamentals

IV. Radio applications in the Classroom (satellites, foxhunt, HF, EmComm, etc.)

Wednesday / Day 3

I. Day 2 Review

II. Introduction to microcontrollers

III. Programming fundamentals

IV. Input/Output circuits

Thursday / Day 4

I. Day 3 Review

II. Programming concepts

III. Robot Assembly

IV. Motion and servos

V. Robot navigation 

Friday / Day 5

Note: anything that was not completed on Days 1-4 will “flow” to Day 5 for completion.

I. Day 4 Review

II. Advanced robotics projects/builds

III. Complete paperwork (survey, expense reports, etc.)

IV. Participant action plans

V. Program feedback

Throughout the program, participants will learn about application topics such as working with your local ham radio club, career/scholarship opportunities for students, the Education & Technology Program grants criteria, and what to expect if you participate in the TI-2 Session.