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Logbook of the World - File Upload


Programs can upload files (e.g., .TQ8 signed QSO data) to LoTW directly using the same technique that a Web browser uses. That is, by making an HTTP connection to the Web server and sending the file in the appropriate format.

The URL to access is and the format is described by RFC1867. The file <INPUT> tag is named upfile.

The page being accessed is the same page a user accesses to perform the upload. Thus the LoTW server will return a page with some response text that normally is displayed by the user's Web browser. To facilitate interface by nonbrowser clients, the returned page has embedded into it two HTML comments that the client program can scan for:

<!-- .UPL. result -->
where result will be either accepted or rejected.

<!-- .UPLMESSAGE. text -->
where text is a (possibly multiline) text message that can be displayed to the user if desired.




  • Line endings in the response file consist of line-feed characters only (no carriage returns).


  • There are circumstances under which the LoTW server may not be in normal operation. In this case you may get a page that does not contain these HTML comments. Your program should allow for that possibility.