Edited by Steven R. Ewald, WV1X

The ARRL Online Net Directory shows Amateur Radio nets that have been registered with ARRL Headquarters net directory database. It primarily covers nets that are of interest to Amateur Radio operators in the United States and Canada. Worldwide coverage nets and maritime service nets are featured (as are National Traffic System Area and Region Nets) in the database. You can search the database for a particular net here.

One focus of the directory is toward public-service oriented nets that support the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). Further information about NTS and ARES activity in your area may be obtained through your ARRL Field Organization leaders. (See page 12 of QST for the list of ARRL Section Managers.)

Net Registration

Nets must be registered to be published in The ARRL Net Directory. To register a net through the web please go to this page. As for the nets that are already listed, any information regarding updates or deletions is welcomed. Section and local nets should also be registered with the ARRL Section Traffic Manager. (ARRL HQ can refer you to your Section Traffic Manager.) Net Directory updates received via mail or email within the past few months will be merged into the directory this fall. New updates should be submitted using the update form. The registration deadline for the next issue of the Net Directory is announced in QST and appropriate ARRL Letters.

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