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Need some general information on tuners

Feb 12th 2015, 01:25


Joined: Dec 27th 2014, 02:29
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I'm new to this sport and have only been playing around with some 2m/70cm HTs. I am looking at purchasing a Yaseu 857d and a Buddipole rig to take camping with me. My question is, do I need a tuner for this setup and if so is there a small inexpensive model that would fit in a backpack.
Feb 12th 2015, 13:38


Joined: Jun 12th 2013, 15:35
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I use a similar base loaded vertical from MFJ with a single elevated radial. I have been able to tune it to less than 2:1 on all bands from 6 to 40 meters using the coil, radiator length, and counterpoise length. So I would say no, you do not NEED a tuner. That said, I use a tuner to pull a 1.7 down to 1:1 etc. Mine is installed at my base. Set it up at home and make sure you know which configurations work for you using an antenna analyzer if possible. Hope this helps.

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