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Portable yet activating 4 grid squares

Jan 14th 2016, 18:01


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I am new to VHF contesting and am wrapping up the plans for the 2016 January VHF Contest.
I am planning on competing in Portable (<10W)

I have the opportunity to work from 4 different grid squares, obviously at a 4 grid intersection.
I plan to move at least 100m between locations into each grid square and still be within a 500m diameter of the precise 4 grid intersection. (so I believe I meet all the rules requirements...)

The question...
For the Portable Category it appears there is no Multiplier or benefit to activate more than one grid square.
Is my interpretation correct?
Jan 15th 2016, 13:27


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3.2. Single Operator Portable:
3.2.1. Ten (10) W PEP output or less.
3.2.2. Portable power source.
3.2.3. Portable equipment and antennas.
3.2.4. Single Operator Portable stations must operate from a location other than a permanent station location.
3.2.5. Single Operator Portable stations may not change locations during the contest period outside of the original 500-meter diameter permitted circle.

The benefit is not for you, but for others participating in the contest.

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