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Apr 30th 2016, 15:49


Joined: May 12th 2012, 23:56
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Which balun is needed on a multi band inverted v antenna? A 1: 1,4: 1, current or voltage, or does it matter? Thank you.
May 3rd 2016, 02:45


Joined: Feb 29th 2016, 08:25
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It depends on how you want to feed the antenna. If using Coax, you want a 1:1 balun with a current choke, or use a separate current choke between your transmitter and tuner. To feed it with ladder line, you would typically either connect it directly to the balanced output of an antenna tuner, or run a short length of coax out of the radio room into a 4:1 Balun connected to the ladder line to transform the 50-75ohm coax impedance to the 200-450 ohm impedance of the balanced line. The shorter the coax, the less lossy the overall system will be. Ladder line is far superior when it comes to loss over coax under high SWR's, like when using the antenna with a tuner on a band on which it is not resonant.

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