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TS-2000 and DP9 or USB computer hook up

Sep 29th 2011, 01:24


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I have been using a computer with XP PRO and a BP9 connector with my TS-2000. I have a new computer with WIN 7 and no DP9 connector. I looked into the the DP9 to USB route. They are cheap. Now I have go and order one. I then talked to a ham friend and he said try this serial card he had. It is by StarTech.Com, 2 Port PCI # 16C550 Serial Port Card. The one I got here came with a 3'' floppy with drivers for 95/98/ME/NT/4/2000/linux no use to me. I looked up the card and it said that it would work with WIN 7. I put in the card and booted up. I then went to the System icon, opened up device panel then to PCI Multi-IO Controller. Then opened up driver and clicked update driver. That was it. The card might be easier to find.

73 Van
Feb 6th 2012, 01:30


Joined: Nov 28th 2011, 21:02
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did either of you have a problem getting the radio to respond, I just get a timeout each time, I have just ordered the cable you recommended and maybe that will solve it. I gather it might be a null cable which could be the problem, rolled RX/TX and CTS/RTS
Randy ( call sign pending FCC posting)
Feb 28th 2012, 01:32


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I ran into this exact same problem. Do not but the USB cable with the prolific chipset. They do not work with anything newer than win xp. Save yourself some time and money and buy the USB to serial cable at Staples, they have the one with the Fidi chipset. A fellow ham turned me on to this tip and it solved all my problems. No more dropped connections or blue screens of death.
73 Chip

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