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Vertical/End Fed Antenna With No Radials

Apr 4th 2018, 12:24


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While experimenting with random length wire antennas , for use on multiple bands, and not having a good yard for installing ground radials I discovered a GREAT ground system. I bored a 6" dia hole down to the water table, in East Hartford it is only about 15 feet deep, and inserted a 1/2" copper pipe about 5 feet deeper into the mud. The pipe sticks about 8" above the surface and I ran a heavy braided copper strap to a window feedthru into my shack. Using an old Dentron Super Tuner I can resonate my wire on 160, 80, 40, 30, and 20 meters with ZERO reflected power.The wire itself resonates @ 2.7 mhz without the tuner. Anything above 14 mhz does not work well because the length of the strap & copper pipe becomes an appreciable part of a wavelength. On WSPR I have heard and been heard on all 7 continents, using 5 watts or less. I have used it with up to 300 watts on 75 meter AM with no reflected power. This would also be a GREAT ground for a vertical antenna.

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