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director vs reflector

Nov 10th 2021, 20:26


Joined: Oct 18th 2021, 11:41
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In a yagi, I understand that the reflector is longer than the driven element., and the director shorter. But why exactly does the direction come into play? Longer is inductive, shorter is capacitive, but how do you go from there to the directivity?? Please someone explain this !
Jan 31st 2022, 20:18


Joined: Mar 31st 2020, 15:11
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I do not know. But am willing to hazard a guess. Maybe the radiator (driven element) has mutual inductance (H-field) with the inductive reflector, creating a CEMF (counter electromagnetic force) acting on the radiator to bounce the signal back? Then the director elements, being capacitive, creates an electromotive field (E-filed) that attracts the signal from the radiator? The interaction of the three in effect creating a resonant tank circuit? I am just a lowly tech with some electronic background, but never ever got to the calculus/engineering level... So it is just a guess. I have to yet buy the antenna theory and handbook book from the ARRL.

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