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40 Meter Band Plan Question

Feb 22nd 2022, 10:38


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If you look at the 40 meter band plan as shown on the color chart

There is a small square above the Extra Class 7075 - 7100 colored in green (phone).

I received an email that the USS Missouri in Hawaii will be operating SSB in that segment.

I'm not sure what FCC Region 2 is. I have a map of the ITU regions but not the F.C.C. regions other than the F.C.C. call districts. I'm certainly not west of 130 degrees, but I'm below 20 degrees north.

Who exactly is allowed in that small segment? What amateur classes are allowed?
Feb 22nd 2022, 14:21


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(11) Phone and image emissions may be transmitted only by stations located in ITU Regions 1 and 3, and by stations located within ITU Region 2 that are west of 130° West longitude or south of 20° North latitude.

Translation: Alaska and Hawaii plus territories and possessions in the Caribbean and Pacific

(9) A station having a control operator holding a Novice or Technician Class operator license may only transmit a CW emission using the international Morse code.

Translation: If you want to transmit SSB from Alaska or Hawaii between 7.075 to 7.100 you need to have a General, Advanced, or Extra Class License.

The FCC has special calls for these areas. The 2nd letter of a sequential call is L, P, or H. This makes them easy to identify. But, it maybe confusing since you don't have to turn them in if you move to another location
11 AL, KL, NL, or WL 1
12 KP, NP, or WP 1
13 AH, KH, NH, or WH 1

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