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ad9850 modules on E-bay

Mar 6th 2012, 00:04


Joined: Jan 25th 2012, 00:41
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I have obtained one of the dds modules that sell on E-bay. I/O connectors consist of 2 SIP rows.

Has anyone used these modules to construct a VFO? I want to start by just inputting a frequency via the parallel port on my computer using some of the software available off of the net, then adding a PIC later.

I want to take this module and use it as a programmable VFO or to tune it via an encoder.

Please send a reply to
Apr 4th 2012, 21:43


Joined: Jun 19th 2011, 00:07
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I bought one also on eBay. it has the AD9850, and 125MHZ osc module, a trimpot and 2 single SIP rows. Does that sound like the same on you have?
Gene, W5DOR

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