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A shortened dipole that will get by CCRs

Jul 2nd 2013, 14:58


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I live in a condo complex, and while people have been putting up satellite dishes without BOD approval (mandated by the CCRs) I am having problems getting permission to put up anything, and to be specific, I have not been able to find any kind of an HF HT out there. I want to work SSB and CW on 20m, QRP to 10 watts and am considering a center loaded, shortened dipole about 12feet in length, but it will be too visible because of the loading coils.

I have found several designs, online that seem like they would be fairly nice, but as this is only going to be about 3m off the ground, I think I need the best possible radiation efficiency as we unfortunately have really good ground conductivity where I'm at. We also have a very noisy set of transmission lines within about 75 feet of my station location.

I know this is doable as where I lived previously, I was able to work QRP into Australia, EnZed, South America and South Africa on 15m using a full dipole mounted at eave level. I was renting back then and my landlord allowed me to set up several antennas including a Cushcraft R4 and a Ringo Ranger for 2m. It does so help to have a landlord that is a HAM!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Joanie AG6UP
Aug 2nd 2013, 17:32


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Pls consider looking at these antennas, if you have not already, on the website. I own a couple. Full disclosure: I have zero vested interest in MFJ.
MFJ - 2220 (add the right 700a,b,c,d or p9) - 14.5 feet end to end but none of your mentioned Loading Coils; or 1621; or 1622; or 1623.
Btw, the 2220 is a Kit of two 1620s + the 347, thus saving $5.00. Regards - Fred k4xxk.

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